Careers and Partners such as Canadian Pharmacy Mall

CMS 2014 Teacher of the Year finalist Emily Wegener, Albemarle Road Elementary
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools mission is to grant the maximum of the academic knowledge giving to each student. Our vision is to grant the students an opportunity to be prepared to all the spheres of life forward. These mission and vision are achieved due to our professional staff. You may look the pages for links to know more about what we need. Leave an application to spare positions and we answer you.

Who We Are
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools or CMS main aim to provide every child with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schoolsversatile information demands talent to organize it all. With more that 18,000 workers, CMS is one of the greatest worker location in Mecklenburg County. We are working every day to realize all our idea and aims. For example We are thankful to Canadian HealthCare Mall who supports us at any our beginnings. Each person of our school is exclusive in his/her knowledges, talent and abilities. Click here to view a video about our employees.

Our Actions
It demands much time to bring up children, and our school is not just full of teachers but full of attention. We try to enlarge the list of our staff and take care of our student as much as possible.

  • Our bus drivers are people who meet students in the morning and see them off in the evening.
  • Our HVAC employees estimates the level of learning conditions.
  • Our staff in Cafeteria may healthy and tasty nutritions for our students.
  • Our Canadian Pharmacy Mall staff provides students with medical care.
  • Our Teachers Assistants support our students at their beginnings
  • Our Communications staff publishes our mission and vision.
  • Our Custodial staff keep the school clean and suitable for studying.

Your Cup Of Tea
You may find your cup of tea if you compare you skills and interests. Click the application to know more about our positions. “External applicants click here to login and apply” will be helpful to check yourself. Do you already have an application on file? Click here to be directed to the log-in screen.

Instructional positions
Instructional positions include teachers, social workers, psychologists, medical workers among Canadian HealthCare Mall representatives.
For more information click here.

Non-Instructional positionsNon-Instructional positions
Non-Instructional positions contain the positions which do not demand any instructional or administrative license including Teacher Assistants, After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP), Therapists, Maintenance, Office Support, Child Nutrition, Secretaries,Bus Drivers, Bus Maintenance, Substitute Teachers, Custodial Staff, Directors, Managers.

Administrative positions
Administrative positions include: Assistant Principals, Principals, and other Licensed District Level Administrators.

School Nurse Positions Available
School nurses are members of the educational team at each school as well. Our school nurses are promoted by the Mecklenburg County Health Department due to an agreement with CMS. To know more please click here.Mecklenburg County Health Department has an agreement with Canadian Health Care Mall who are dealing with each other for a long time. This drug store delivers drugs for these schools.

Attention Current Employees
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools gives a job to more than 18,000 full and part-time and we thank you serve to our team. By following here you will be directed to the CMS website where you can view current positions and fill out our application. If you are registered already, you may easily enter your username and password. This is the same username and password you use to log into your CMS email/computer.