Canadian Health&Care Mall: Antibiotics Influence on Erection

Preparations natural or half of a synthetic origin which slow down or completely suppress development of living cells belong to antibiotics. Some types of these means are applied to treatment of oncological diseases. The invention of antibiotics can be carried to one of the most significant achievements in the history of mankind. At the moment there are more than 100 types of antibiotics which are used for a huge range of the tasks solution. However we are interested in other question – influence of antibiotics on erection which we also will consider.

Prescription of Antibiotics

Antibiotics have very much facilitated our life, use them in:

  • stomatology;
  • surgeries;
  • urology;
  • for treatment of bacterial, viral and venereal diseases, purulent wounds

Antibiotics have helped to survive to thousands of patients. Perhaps, there is no such person who didn’t take though once in life these preparations. However antibiotics need to be used only after consultation with the doctor, any self-treatment by them is strictly forbidden. But various kinds of antibiotics may be shipped by Canadian Health&Care Mall to carry out any kind of treatment. If you come across with potency problems we will deliver for you remedies such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis. It is up to you to choose what is more suitable for you.


Even the doctor appoint antibiotics only in that case when nothing cannot be done without these preparations. Scientific researches concerning what side effects can appear from application of these means have been conducted. And as it has become clear, antibiotics do a certain harm to our organism. Functionality of digestive tract can be broken, decrease immunity, appear an allergy to preparation and suffer the urinogenital system.

How do antibiotics influence potency, and male reproductive function?

That is antibiotics can do harm to potency. During their intake sexual desire can sometimes decrease on a short period. But after the termination of antibiotics reception potency came back to the former level. Besides in a usage time of these medicines change of sperm composition is observed. Therefore it is in that case better to refuse conception of the child.

Antibiotics are famous for bacteria and viruses destruction, but alongside with it can kill also the bacteria, necessary for our organism. The main harm from them proceeds for liver and digestive tract. Therefore in parallel with reception of antibiotics also preparations for maintenance of internals microflora have to be used. Treatment by antibiotics has to happen when there is nothing to do more to get rid of the existing problem.

Canadian Health&Care Mall figures out that after the action of antibiotics disappear you will observe the lack in erection concerns. But there are cases when it lasts too much time to revive the sexual life but Viagra, Cialis or Levitra are possible to improve your sexual life.