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ApneaWe won’t envision how many different disease appear almost each day and how it is difficult to work out new preparations to treat them. But representatives of medical science try to cope with this problem immediately. Of course it is a long-term and undertaking process to create new drugs but the game is worth the candle. We may find a lot of drug categories in the Internet for example Canadian Health&Care mall a pharmaceutical company with a wide range of drugs and medical devices available for everyone. One disease which attracts our attention.

Apnea is respiratory failure. Different diseases (the asthmatic status, whooping cough, pneumonia), lungs hyperventilation at the strengthened breath, poisoning with some toxic substances can become the reason of the respiratory movements termination. Apnea also sometimes mean any delay of breath by the term. Conscious delay of breath is base of all theory and practice of diving without the special respiratory equipment. Man is one of the few mammals capable to a conscious apnea.

Apnea as a disease becomes more and more important and frequently met in medicine because it provokes respiratory failures during sleep. The reason of it may be airways narrowing during sleep, the violation of breathing control by the central nervous system. At obstructive apnea during sleep oropharynx is fallen down under the influence of negative pressure in respiratory system during breathing.

Apnea is a cause of sleep destruction and oxygen starvation at night.

Apnea is a cause of sleep destruction and oxygen starvation at night. The clinical picture of a disease at adults is usually presented by diurnal drowsiness, memory impairment, loop of intelligence, pulmonary hypertension, violations of heart, interruptions of cardiac rhythm, increase of arterial pressure, erythrocythemia. At adults and children the heaviest complication of apnea is full respiratory failure, violations of cardiac rhythm and death of the patient.

In not complicated cases apnea treatment consists of decrease in body weight, refusal of alcohol, treatment of chronic cold. All patients are recommended to sleep on one side. Selecting apnea treatment, it is necessary to estimate risk factors and whenever possible to exclude their influence. In hard cases patients are hospitalized to be examined and to select the necessary treatment. The most effective way of therapy is considered mask breathing under constant positive pressure by means of the special device. Of course the majority of patients cannot get used to the idea that they should wear such masks because such devices produce so much noise that it interfere with them very much. Such devices you may try to find in the web drug store Canadian Health&Care mall Everything you need to check out its web site and find everything you need there.