Impotence Reasons Explained by Canadian Health&Care Mall

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to reach or keep desirable degree of an erection which is necessary for sexual intercourse. The term “impotence” is often used though it isn’t absolutely correct from the medical point of view. Impotence can be referred to the greatest fears of each man safely.

Impotence Reasons

Contrary to a popular belief that erection violation isn’t always caused by psychological factors. And it is not so obligatory part of aging process as it is considered. Impotence is quite specific urological problem which, fortunately, has the effective ways of the solution worked out together with Canadian Health&Care Mall

The following statements can be the reasons of erectile dysfunction:

  • diseases of urinogenital system;
  • infections of different type;
  • diseases of vessels;
  • injuries;
  • violations of hormonal balance;
  • diabetes, etc.


Principles of Treatment

It is possible to define by modern methods of diagnostics precisely the nature of disease and on the basis of it to develop the individual scheme of impotence treatment. In this process also the psychological aspect as any man won’t want to share the problem with strangers is important.

Delicate approach to patients, application of effective medicamentous preparations and the individual choice of methods of therapy provide extremely high rates in fight against impotence. Today 98% of the patients who have seen doctors have again found the man’s force. And the majority of them have noted disappearance of symptoms of erectile dysfunction and increase of sexual function after the first visits of clinic. Such result is achieved thanks to an integrated approach to problem and application of the combined methods of impotence treatment. Our methods really work and allow men to forget at last about the diagnosis “impotence”.

Regular Sex as Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction

To avoid emergence of possible problems with an erection many scientists and doctors advise a strong half of mankind to conduct active sexual life without long periods of abstention since it can cause the accelerated ejaculation, difficulties with an erection and other erectile violations. Not to lead to erectile function violations command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Men need to remember that abstention aged after forty years can reduce erectile function as lack of sex leads to congestion in prostate gland of substances which being soaked up in blood, leads to braking of gonads work. At the same time androgens begin to be developed in smaller quantities owing to what the nervous centers become less sensitive to irritants of sexual character. These consequences can be avoided if to lead regular sex life.