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You are welcome at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools where we work out such a program making it possible to combine the academic sphere with art and humanities. It helps to broaden the mind and make the person versatile at all the spheres of the life. CMS is one of the largest district school area, has the resources to understand the uniqueness of each student, its demands and what he likes the most during studying processes.

It is understandable that great teaching is the key element of students’ success. We try to employ the well-experienced but interesting teachers to provide students with everything necessary. For example, Canadian Health Care Mall gives an opportunity to our children to know more about medical aid and health care, the parents are able to order drugs with ten per cent discount due to Canadian Health and Care Mall discount coupon.

If you have a desire to be a part of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools this site is worked out with the aim to provide you with all the necessary information. We are happy and we are hopeful you will join us as soon as possible!