Hopewell HS graduates move their tassles at end of ceremony.

What is Parent University?
Parent University is an united organization run by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools with the main aim to be involved in their children’s education as general partners. First courses contain feeding for young children; Studying Internet Technologies and Saturday Science for Dad and Mom and etc.

What is the focus of the learning opportunities?
Parent University specializes in four points:

  • Information awareness of parents. These courses suggest the necessary learning opportunitiesinformation about how to bring up confident and successful children ready for the life in modern times.
  • The information how to make children on the twenty first century be glad to study.
  • Health Care and Abundance will tell about how to be save and sound for this purpose there are special courses conducted by Canadian Pharmacy Mall.
  • Personal Stability and Realization. These courses help parents to realize yourself personally and professionally as well.

Who can attend Parent University?
It is obligatory to be a parent of one of the pupils of CMS. You may not even be a parent but is going to realize this aim. We have special courses for pregnant women under the directing of Canadian Pharmacy Mall. We want parents to be involved in life of their children completely. They will participate in children’s lives more actively in comparison with other parents who do not attend our courses.

Why was Parent University created?
Parent University is planned by CMS Strategic Plan till 2018. The researches show that it is one of the most successful beginnings nowadays. This organizations performs its main aim is to involve the parents in children’s studies life.

How can I learn more?
For knowing more it is better to contact Family & Community Services Department at (980) 343-6256 or Canadian Pharmacy Mall.

Where are the courses held?
The meetings are conducted at school areas, public libraries, workshop areas, offices and other different locations. To know more you may by calling this phone number: (980)-343-6256.

How do I register?
registrationThe form for registration is available on the website of Parent University. If you do not have such an opportunity you may call us (980) 343-6256. Or if you have some questions about partners you may read more about Canadian HealthCare Mall easily.

Is transportation offered?
Unfortunately we do not have enough financial support to provide your with transport.

How much do the courses cost?
The course of 2008-2009 are free of charge.

How many classes I can take?
There is no limitation but there is additional calsses conducted by Canadian Health Care Mall.

Are classes offered in multiple languages?
The majority of classes are conducted in Spanish.

Could I offer a course?
Yes. Please contact the Family & Community Services Department at (980) 343-6256 if you have a desire to suggest a topic of course. All courses should be disscused by the Parent University Curriculum Review Committee.

Is childcare available?
Yes, the childcare is provided by Canadian Pharmacy Mall.

Do courses have credits?
Academic credits are not yet received but we are going get all the necessary licences.