Tips to Protect Erection

Erectile Dysfunction or ED becomes more common with increase of age in men. However, it is not necessary to take it as a normal part of aging. At times, certain lifestyle habits can have an effect on erection,

  • A strong link exists between smoking and ED through a process that is known as atherosclerosis. This is process of formation o fat on the walls of the arteries. If you smoke for a prolonged period of time, you put a pressure on the arteries. Since they become more clogged, the blood flow is restricted to the areas that need the blood.
  • Even a miniscule amount of alcohol can have a damaging effect on the nervous system of the body. The signals from the brain to the blood vessels are restricted. Therefore, you will experience a decrease sexual desire. Even if you are able to manage an erection, it will not last for long as alcohol keeps the blood vessels wide making the blood in the penis to drain out. As per Canadian Health and Care Mall heavy drinking can also damage the nerves of the penis causing impotence.
  • Consuming illegal drugs can have various long term health problems that are related to ED, like mental health problems, heart problems, and irregular blood pressure. Amphetamines restrict the flow of blood and direct the blood flow away from the pelvic region and to the muscles. Drugs like depressants can also cause a change in blood pressure leading to a loss of libido.
  • Stress affects the circulatory system and restricts the flow of blood to the penis. This is because the body releases adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream which causes a constriction of the blood vessels. High blood pressure caused by stress can damage the lining of the arteries and thus, restrict the flow of blood. Stress can also cause depression which might change the biochemistry of the body and reduce libido. Thus, you will have to struggle in order to maintain erection.
  • According to Canadian Health and Care Mall obesity has direct connection with the formation of fatty deposits in the walls of the arterial system. The reduction in the blood flow is first felt by cavernous artery. This is the artery that supplies the penis with blood. Fatty tissue produces aromatase that transforms testosterone to estrogen and thus, the testosterone production decreases. This, in turn, can have a direct effect on the sexual health of a man.

Proper Erection

Factors Responsible for Proper Erection

  • Right stimulation
  • Adequately functioning nervous system
  • And proper supply of blood

Ways to Improve Erection

  • You need to follow a diet. Foods that are not good for the heart also leads to an obstruction in blood flow to the penis.
  • Avoid having rough sex as it may lead to penile injuries. These injuries might sometimes lead to a dangerous impact causing erectile dysfunction.
  • You should exercise on a regular basis as jogging, running, and stretching are effective in preventing erectile dysfunction. However, avoid heavy workouts that put pressure on perineum which obstructs the blood flow to the penis.