CMS volunteers. Canadian Pharmacy Mall is Strategic Partner

vance volunteer work
The Office of Strategic Partnerships thanks the volunteers who devote their spare time to help our students. You make possible to know the demands of each students.

In 2010-2011 CMS volunteers spent ore than 250, 00 hours volunteering. Your time and abilities are very important for us. If you are going to count the availability of volunteers and partners due to the United Way standard of $20.65 per hour, you will understand the sum is enormous. You may realize our volunteers and partners do the greatest job. For example Canadian Pharmacy Mall makes it possible to provide the students with the obligatory medical preparations which are demanded to be present at medical class. They do the greatest job including 41,628 hours of tutoring, 15,146 hours of mentoring, and 193,385 hours of helping in countless other ways – PTA, playground builds, tutorial programs, after-school programs, safety, physical fitness and more.

We give encouragement to parents spending their time at Parent University. Volunteers are glad to work with parents and children increasing their abilities, educational levels and connection between parents and a child.

The second step necessary to be conducted by volunteers is to register your volunteer hours at CMS Volunteer Management System – Follow the link and you will find the instruction how to realize it. We are thankful to you because you do the greatest job for our students and their parents.

If you are interested in volunteer programs you may subscribe to For more information, call 980-343-6618.